Bild med Helgå och naturum i bakgrunden

Are you thinking of visiting Kristianstad, Åhus and the surrounding area? Here is a list of tips!

Naturum Vattenriket

Vattenriket's visitor center is located in the middle of the city Kristianstad and in the middle of Kristianstad Vattenrike Biosphere Reserve. On stilts in the middle of the water, entirely made of wood with unusual angles, nooks and crannies, the naturum is a node between city and nature.

Bäckaskog castle and park

On a narrow isthmus between two sparkling lakes, monks chose to build their monastery in the 13th century. The closeness to nature and the historical and cultural background make the castle a popular destination.

Fri användning för Kristianstads kommun. Bilderna får ej säljas vidare eller på annat sätt överlåtas till tredje part. © Sven Persson /

Fishing in lakes, rivers and seas

The lakes in the north, Helge å with tributaries and the coast offer great species richness and fishing opportunities for most people. Wether you´re a true fishing enthusiast, looking for activities for the family or fishes to enjoy nature, everyone will find their fishing spot.

The nature reserve Forsakar

Perfect for relaxing walks with fairytale-like backcountry with streams, ravines and high cliffs. Get a great view of the falls on the viewing platform.

Kristianstad kommun, fri användning i egen verksamhet. © Sven Persson /

The regional museum Kristianstad

Exhibitions in a variety of subject areas. Permanent exhibitions about Skåne and Kristianstad's history. In the museum is Café Miró, which serves locally produced and organic food. Always free entry.


Nature reserve with hiking trails providing an incredible view of Lake Ivösjön. The landscape consists of grassland, deciduous forest and unique giant blocks. A lovely place to combine hiking with a coffee in the greenery.


Kristianstads badrike

Kristianstad's Badrike is full of experiences in the water for young and old. There are pools for those who want to exercise, a large water park for the family with slides and a pool with a diving tower. You can also visit the relaxation area with several different types of saunas and a lovely hot tub.

The Renaissance city Kristianstad

The Renaissance city of Kristianstad was founded in 1614 by King Christian IV of Denmark. The city was built as a fortress, surrounded by hard-to-reach wetlands.

Medieval town Åhus

Åhus is one of the country's best-preserved medieval towns. In the old city center with its cobbled streets there is much that reminds of the Danish era.

Experience by bike

Stora Safaribåten

Go on a boat trip in Kristianstad's Vattenrike and experience the area from a different perspective. During summer you can go with the boat on weekdays. Until 14 August departure at 1:30 p.m. The period 15 July to 6 August also at 11 a.m. Please pre-book!

Medborgarcenter hjälper dig

Vi hanterar dina frågor om kommunens verksamheter och du kan besöka oss, ringa oss eller skriva. Oftast får du hjälp direkt, annars lotsar vi ditt ärende rätt.

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