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Sällskap som äter på Kulturkvarteret i Kristianstad. Fotograf: Sven Persson /

Fotograf: Sven Persson /

In the Kristianstad area, a food culture beyond the ordinary thrives. The people in the fertile agricultural landscape have developed a very special feeling for food throughout the ages.

The area's varied landscape brings out high-quality food and drink. The rich abundance of the plain, the mild climate, the game-rich lands, the wide sea and the shallow coastal meadows contribute raw materials of the finest kind. Everything needed for a perfect meal is within easy reach.

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Fine dining with the family, a romantic get-together, coffee with friends or a lunch? There are different ways to find the restaurant that suits you and what you're craving. We recommend that you use Google maps to see which cafes and restaurants are available and what they offer.

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The Tripadvisor platform is popular for seeing which restaurants others have visited and recommend. On Tripadvisor, you can filter according to your preferences, for example whether it is food suitable for the whole family, different price options or if you want a specific type of food.

Restaurant and cafe maps

We have also produced maps for Kristianstad and Åhus that show restaurants and cafes. The maps are updated before the summer season and may contain errors if businesses are closed or new ones have opened.

Foto från Harastorp Gårdsbutik

Farm shops and fish smokehouses

Enjoy delicious treats from nearby farm shops or fish smokehouses. Buy home everything you need for a lovely dinner.

Minas chokladstudio in Trolle Ljungby is a must for people who love chocolate. Photo: Eva Gyllenberg

Minas chokladstudio in Trolle Ljungby is a must for people who love chocolate. Photo: Eva Gyllenberg

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