Domestic Violence and Abuse

Anyone could be subject to violence and abuse. Violence and abuse does not discriminate and is expressed in different ways. Domestic violence and abuse can happen to anyone, anywhere and can take many forms.

Violence and abuse can be

  • Physically hurting someone
  • Scaring someone
  • Threatening someone
  • Harming someone or making someone sad
  • Forcing someone to do something they do not want to do

Are you or someone close to you the subject of violence and abuse? Are you violent or abusive to anyone close to you?

It can be difficult to leave an abusive or violent environment. The municipality of Kristianstad has several professionals that can offer support and help in many ways. Interpreters are available at your request. Everyone is bound by professional secrecy.

Some examples of the help and support available through the Social Services of Kristianstad are:

  • Counselling, including counselling and treatment with specialists at Kriscentrum. The counsellors at Kriscentrum are specialized at working with victims of domestic violence and abuse.  
  • Assistance regarding contacts with authorities and Brottsofferjouren (Crime victim hotline).  
  • Support and assistance to help you take control of and change your situation.  
  • Sheltered housing. 
  • Financial support, when there is a need.  
  • Parental guidance and support 
  • Guidance and assistance with questions regarding Divorce, Custody and visitation of children

Don´t hesitate to ask for help, you are not alone!

The Children are Affected 

Children who experience or witness violence and abuse are affected by it. By requesting support as a victim of abuse and violence you are not only helping yourself, you are also helping your children.

If children are harmed in any way, the Social Services are regulated by law to report this. Many people in your community; schools and day care, health care and other authorities are regulated by the same law to report if children are victims of violence and abuse. The purpose of the report is to ensure that children can be ensured a healthy environment to grow up in by getting the right help and support.

Do you have concerns regarding someone else?

If you have concerns regarding the welfare and safety of someone you know, a relative or a friend, you can contact the Social Services in Kristianstad for guidance and support.

Contact information

In case of emergency – Always call 112

The Social Services

Phone 044-13 55 58 (office hours)

Kriscentrum (counselling)

Phone: 044-13 50 40 (office hours)

Social Services On-Call

Phone: 044-775 78 78 (after office hours) 

Additional Help

The Police

Committing acts of violence is illegal in Sweden. If you are or have been the subject of violence and abuse you can contact the Police. The Police can assist you with reporting the event, investigating the crime/s and sometimes offer assistance with providing shelter and protection. 

Municipal Helath Care centre (Vårdcentralen)

At the municipal health care centre you can recieve help with any injuries. Injuries can be photographed and documented in your journal together with a description of the occurred event/s. It is also possible for you to talk to a counsellor.

Women’s Sheltered Housing (Kristianstad Kvinnojour)

The womens sheltered housing in Kristianstad actively work against violence, abuse and oppression of women. The staff assists women who have been beaten, abused or threatened. You can contact them anonymously and free of charge.

Crime victim hotline (Brottsofferjouren)

The crime victim hotline offers help and support to crime victims and witnesses. For example they can Assist with contacting authorities, insurance companies or offer support at a trial. The services are free of charge.  

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