Kristianstad and Åhus with surroundings offer several hiking trails and hiking areas. Find your favourites!

Hike in town, at the coast or in the woods! Photo by: Sven Persson @swelo.se
Hike in town, at the coast or in the woods! Photo by: Sven Persson @swelo.se

Hike in and close to town

Kristianstad it is close to nature. Starting in central Kristianstad there are several trails for hiking. If you want to stay fully in the city, choose Kristianstad at your own pace - a walk to visit the city's historic sights. If you are looking for more nature, the hiking trails Linnérundan and Näsby will take you to the unique Vattenriket.

Hike by the coast

A 42 kilometer stretch of coastline offers hiking throughout the year. The Blåa linjen follows the coast and offers visits to local anglers and artists. South of Åhus harbour lies Kronoskogen. Here you will find opportunities for exercise, swimming and bird watching. In Friseboda Nature Reserve there are walking-friendly little trails both on the sand and in the pine forest.

Hike in the woods

The landscape around Kjugekull consists of fields, forests and unique giant blocks with exercise trails that suit the whole family. Do not miss the view of Ivösjön! Other hikes that offer beautiful views are Fjälkinge hill and Balsberget. At the Bockeboda forest, the paths take you through the deep forest.

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