Go exploring together with your dog

Will your dog be joining you on holiday? We have many dog-friendly accommodations that welcome two-legged as well as four-legged guests. There are also plenty of restaurants that allow dogs and there is much for you and your dog to discover and experience in the area.



Almost all of our accommodations has rooms for visitors bringing their dogs. If you search for dog-friendly accommodations on Google, you can easily see which ones who have specified it.

Dog-friendly accommodations on Google

For more accommodation tips, see our accommodation page

Eating places

Our café and restaurant maps for Kristianstad and Åhus will show you where to find cafés and restaurants.

Kristianstad restaurant and café map

Åhus restaurant and café map


You can usually bring your dog into stores if you need to, but be sure to ask first. 

Stores with dog supplies

You may also need to buy something for your dog. Whether it's food, a new leash, or a toy, you can find everything you need for your dog in these stores.

In Kristianstad you will find the stores Arken Zoo, Animalix Kristianstad, Dogman, Granngården and Hööks.

Map showing pet shops

Activities with your dog


Swimming areas for dogs

Between 15 May and 15 September there are designated swimming areas for dogs that you can visit. In all other bathing areas, dogs are prohibited during this period. This applies to lake as well as coastal swimming areas. 

Find out more about swimming areas for dogs and view a map of locations


Kristianstad is always close to nature. We have several hiking trails that are nice to discover with your dog. Click on the link to open the map with all the places we recommend. There are a variety of options.

Open map with hiking recommendations

Dog parks

There are a total of nine dog parks in our area where you are welcome to bring your dog. Remember to be considerate and to pick up after your dog.

Find out more about dog parks and view map of locations


The safari boat

With the Safari Boat you can experience Kristianstads Vattenrike. On the boat there is room for 3-4 dogs per trip. It is important that you inform us in advance that you want to bring your dog via anders.elmfors@naturtema.se

Link to the safari boat webpage

Ice cream and beer for dogs

Åhus has a long been associated with ice cream and many feel that it is a must to eat ice cream in Åhus every year. And of course, the dog should also have some ice cream. In the harbour, you can buy ice cream for dogs from AW:s Brygga ice cream shop.

Link to AW:s Brygga on Facebook

But even in Kristianstad, the dog can get a cooling ice cream. At Biljardkompaniet you can find both ice cream and beer for your five-legged friend.

Link to Biljardkompaniet's webpage

Other activities

There are plenty of other activities in the area. Several of these are dog-friendly. If you're not sure, get in touch with them before visiting.

Tips on other things to see and do in the area

Looking after your dog

Does your dog need to see a vet?

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Does your dog need grooming?

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