The municipality of Kristianstad - food, water and commerce

Pictures of Kristianstad

Kristianstad is a municipality located in the southern part om Sweden, in the province of Skåne. It's only 90 minutes by train from Copenhagen city and the international airport. The municipality has about 81,000 inhabitants and here you can find a great variety of scenery from rural countryside to urban citylife.

The city of Kristianstad itself has about 37,000 inhabitants. At one time the municipality consisted of 35 small local authorities and there are still around 40 different towns and villages in the region. Around half of these have a population in excess of 200.

Spirit of Food

Every day, everyone in Sweden eats or drinks something from the Municipality of Kristianstad. Nutrition, Food & Drink make up the municipal profile. Every link of the food and sustenance chain is represented in Kristianstad, which includes excellent raw materials, production, refinement, machine development, basic training and R&D among its assets. We have 

  • the largest concentration of food production facilities in Sweden
  • highly developed and rationalised agriculture that produces high-quality ingredients in fine soil and a clean environment
  • approx. 4,500 people employed in the food sector, which means that more than one job in two is linked to food or a food-related business
  • strong trademarks and brands – nationally and internationally
  • research and development
  • gastronomic training and a meeting place for business established at the university in 2004
  • food technology high school courses.


Close to Copenhagen

The Municipality of Kristianstad is part of the Øresund Region, one of the most rapidly expanding regions in Northern Europe. By train or by car you can go across the Øresund Bridge to Copenhagen and Kastrup International Airport in less than 2 hours.

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